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ISV Ceiling

Project: Ceiling Dome and Chandelier

Client: Islamic Society of Victoria

Category: Hands On

Time: 2022

One of my valued clients called to let me know that he had taken on a project management role in the renovation of the Preston Mosque.

He needed something to establish a connection in the main hall space with the sacred function of prayer - specifically with regards to the circular void in the ceiling.

I presented a design for a disk made of 8 “pizza slices” with a geometric design and selected Quranic text in calligraphic style. An array of programmable led lighting installed behind the design allowed for multiple scene options that combined brightness and hue. From the centre would hang a custom made chandelier that echoed the geometric pattern of the disk above.

There was some controversy regarding some of the geometric shapes used in the design, namely the 6-sided stars - a case of cultural appropriation perhaps? By Whom? I’ve always welcomed controversy to stimulate discussion.

The piece has generally been received positively. The Quranic verses are inspirational. The work was undertaken in memory of my father who passed away that year. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

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