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MCG Launches Multi Faith Facility

I love it! I love everything about it.

I love the way it references the MCG.

When you walk in there its really obvious the way it does that.

I love that it’s got all the facilities that you actually need.

I love where it is in the ground.

I think they’ve completely smashed this

Waleed Aly

It was an absolute privilege to have attended a special opening event and ribbon cutting by MCC Vice President Sally Macindoe for the MCG Multi Faith Prayer Room

At the opening Sally said;

The MCC is a world leader in developing and maintaining a world class precinct and stadium. That responsibility extends to all our facilities and ensures that our commitment displays community leadership by providing facilities within the MCG that provide for the inclusiveness of this place, that warrants the nick name “the people’s ground"

The feedback and consulting that we received from our partners and some of the leaders from the religious and wider community including the likes of Waleed (Aly) and Bachar (Houli) identified that to truly reflect the tag of “the people’s ground” we had to be catering to all people’s backgrounds, beliefs and needs. So, we stand here today delighted to officially open this brand new space that’s truly reflective of that title

The project further enhances the standing of the MCG as a leader in the community. I want to extend our congratulations and thanks to our partners Desypher Architecture"

You can view the project in detail in our projects section

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