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Junior Campus Musalla

Project: Junior Campus Musalla

Client: Unity Grammar

Category: Education

Time: 2023

We have just been engaged to design a musalla for the Unity Grammar Junior Campus.

Interestingly, the client has presented us with the most challenging project brief that we have received to date. It is one that is insightful and sophisticated and one that we welcome entirely!

The client has identified the key role that Islamic design principles can play in nurturing a positive teaching and learning environment. Specifically, our discussions have centred around the following premises:

  • DIVINE INSPIRATION - The built environment should inspire admiration for divine design.

  • BIOPHYLLIC DESIGN - The built environment should facilitate the organic flow of nature into the built environment - through connected natural elements - water, sun light, greenery.

  • RITUALISTIC TRADITIONS - The built environment should integrate key Islamic ritualistic traditions into as many of its spaces - the prayer areas, the ablution facilities.

  • CONNECTION - The built environment should inspire connection between the person experiencing the space with God the Creator.

The musalla is essentially for young people who tend to have a less-dulled natural disposition. Our first-up thoughts are that it should be engaging, intriguing and to some degree playful - and yet not silly, patronising or missing a sense of sublimity. Watch this space as we take you through the concept design process over the next few weeks!

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