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MCG Multi Faith Prayer Facility

Project: MCG Multi Faith Prayer Facility

Client: MCC

Category: Community/Place Making

Time: 2022

Located in the Shane Warne Stand of the MCG, the Multi Faith Prayer Facility can cater for more than 50 patrons at a time, and is suitable for all, including followers of the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu faiths.

The layout design was achieved about after Desypher mediated consultations with religious representative bodies as well as the Bachar Houli Foundation and is therefore able to accommodate worshippers, men and women, individually or in groups allowing for the various directional orientations.

The Multi-Faith Prayer Facility’s layout is non-descript, free of identifiable references to a specific single faith and yet quirkily references the MCG Stadium itself – the encapsulated sky, the concrete stands, the kaleidoscope of spectators, the hallowed turf and aptly placed line markings. All point to a space that identifiably belongs at the MCG. Whilst the amenities enable Muslim users to practice specific ablution rites discreetly prior to prayer.

The MCG Multi Faith Prayer Facility is respectful nod from the MCC towards spectators, staff, and athletes of faith demonstrating that wellbeing is an essential consideration when facilitating major public events.

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