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UMMA Community Centre

Project: UMMA Community Centre

Client: UMMA

Category: Community/Place Making

Time: 1996-current

Desypher's journey with UMMA Centre began in 1996 when a vision was formed to transform what was then a modest church hall and kindergarten into a thriving and active community centre.

Since then, the UMMA community has diligently completed five stages including; the remodelling of amenities, a funeral preparation facility, enclosing the courtyard and construction of the iconic multi-purpose sports hall.

The hall is used almost daily for sports activities, sit-down dinner functions, conferences and as a spill-over space for congregational prayer.

As a form it is intriguing and welcoming at the same time has a civic aesthetic that makes a statement of belonging to the wider community.

With the 1996 masterplan now complete, we are excited to announce that we have been appointed to embark upon a new design that takes in a new masjid, classrooms and support facilities aimed at increased interaction and contribution with the wider community.

Photography by Lah'za.

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