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Welcome Centre

Project: Welcome Centre

Client: Brisbane Community Education Centre

Category: Community/Place Making

Time: 2021-current

What is a Welcome Centre?

When our clients purchased a single floor in a Brisbane CBD tower, next door to the future Cross River Rail Station and within close proximity to ... well everything! We knew that this was an opportunity to maximise the use of the available space.

We took lessons learnt in designing the IMA in Melbourne and focused on presenting the BCEC Welcome Centre as a both a community and a corporate space. So, within it are spaces for prayer, for social services, for corporate dinners, seminars with the default setting, exhibition space.

Our other focus was on designing these spaces so that The Centre could morph into the different configurations seamlessly. Harnessing smart environmental controls, operable walls, roll-out floor coverings and mobile joinery, enabled us to present our clients with four configurations instead of one

We've just completed the working documentation and look forward to seeing construction commence within the next few months.

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