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The core of our philosophy is a commitment to the well-being of the community and a willingness to assist wherever possible.

This effort is manifested under the banner “Initiate 3:104” and looks to draw in other concerned businesses, organisations, and individuals by providing:

  • pro bono or heavily discounted architectural services to not-for-profit organisations for projects that have a demonstrable community benefit

  • encouraging community-based clients to expand their design briefs to include wider community benefits that involve place-making

  • tapping into existing initiatives such as Emergency Architects Australia, Architects Without Frontiers, Architects Sans Frontieres


We have just completed forming a masterplan for the YMA Markaz, a youth centre in the CBD of Dandenong, Melbourne. The Markaz is proposed to be a centre that provides a host of life-enhancing activities and programs for youth and services to the homeless and the community at large

Our previous efforts included the concept design of a Boarding School Orphanage in Indonesia and a Permaculture Institute in Mexico (both featured in our projects section)

Obviously, it helps to have a sponsor or patron!

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