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Acoustic Wall Treatment UMMA Centre

Project: Acoustic Wall Treatment

Client: UMMA

Category: Hands On

Time: 2022

In applying for extended hours to the multipurpose hall, the Council conditioned that there needed to be better acoustic insulation to dull the transmission of impact and reverberated noise from within the hall.

After sourcing a felt fibre material 25mm thick, the question remained as to how it would be fixed to the wall made of colorbond steel clad sandwich panel. Gluing or screwing was irreversible and should the fibreboard panels be damaged or stained would be difficult to replace.

Instead, I came up with a solution of gluing to the back of each panel a magnetic sheet then simply placing the boards against the metal wall. My client was skeptical until I asked him to kick and throw soccer and basketballs against the wall as hard as he could.

So easy to install, and so easy to replace damaged panels in future (none so far). Yes, that’s my 13 year old daughter helping me put the panels up!

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